Fluke 8845A - Closed Loop + Adjustments

Fluke 8845A - Closed Loop + Adjustments

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ProCal procedure for Fluke 8845A, includes automatic adjustment points.

This procedure automatically calculates uncertainties for each test point.

UUT control over GPIB is recommended, instrument is slower to respond to commands over RS232 connection (also requires Null Modem connection cable).

Test points to manufacturers specifications with the following exceptions:

100V Range - 100kHz point performed at 20V.
750V Range - 20kHz point performed at 200V.

100V and 750V High-Frequency calibration is not performed, however, full-scale gain is performed.

Requirements :

  • National Instruments GPIB Interface.
  • Transmille 3041A or Better (Better TUR Ratios will be achieved with 3010A or 4010).
  • Suitable Connection Leads.
  • ProCal Version 5.19 or later.