Fluke 5520A Multiproduct Calibrator

Fluke 5520A Multiproduct Calibrator

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ProCal Calibration Procedure for Fluke 5520A Calibrator (No Options).

This procedure requires the following : 

Precision 8.5 Digit Multimeter (Requires 1000V AC Measurement & Current > 1A)
Precision Voltage Source (0 - 10V)
Phase Meter / Frequency Counter (Better than 1ppm)
LCR Bridge
GPIB Interface for Remote Control

Note - This procedure has been written so it does not require current shunts, however, this will increase uncertainties. Please ensure that the uncertainties are acceptable for your use.

Procedures that use current shunts are available on request from Transmille, however, require additional setup stages in ProCal